WATCH: Man chases off baboons who try to steal from a car

WATCH: Man chases off baboons who try to steal from a car

Now this is different...

Baboon stealing stuff out of car
Baboon stealing stuff out of car/Reddit Screenshot/@u/DanyBlack233

If you are new to KZN, we are certain that at some point you would've been inducted into falling victim to a troop of monkeys. 

We say this with a kind heart because we know that these 'ooh ooh ahh ahh' omnivores are those rowdy neighbours that we sometimes love to hate...

However, this time it wasn't the monkeys that intruded on our space or stole some food from our kitchens. 

But rather it was their cousins, the baboons, who decided to take their chances on a parked vehicle. 

In a video that was posted online, we see a family of baboons come through near a mountainous area in search of food. 

But instead of rummaging through bins, they head straight for an unlocked vehicle. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Reddit

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Many people came to the comments to share their views. One person even said that a baboon had entered his house, and when he tried to scare him off, the baboon just bared its teeth to him...

Now that's the scary part, that many people instinctively chase after them not realising that they are in fact wild animals. 

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Image Courtesy of Reddit

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