Is Kabza De Small shading Black Coffee?

WATCH: Is Kabza De Small shading Black Coffee?

Local DJ and producer Kabza De Small may be finding himself in a bit of hot water after his impression of a Black Coffee song made it to Twitter.

Black Coffee Kabza

Sometimes it feels like the entertainment industry thrives on beef and shade.

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Take this new video of Kabza allegedly describing a Black Coffee song.

The video was recorded after Kabza was returning from a Coffee gig and shows him using a bunch of sounds to describe the other producers Afro Tech sound: 

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Whether Kabza was actually imitating and making fun of the fellow DJ's music is still unclear.

Black Coffee's loyal fans came to the conclusion that he was indeed trying to poke fun at his music and were not very impressed:

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Although many are coming to Black Coffee's defence, there are also a few tweeps who have made this very valid point:

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The footage could have been taken out of context or truly have no ill intention behind it, but now might lead to drama because people are making their own assumptions.

Both music makers have yet to respond to the video and until then we'll be waiting in anticipation.

Hopefully they'll both just laugh it off.

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Main image courtesy of Black Coffee Official Twitter

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