WATCH: Man drops phone from plane, it recorded everything and survived!

WATCH: Man drops phone from plane, it recorded everything and survived!

Like most people, we were under the impression that some phone screens will crack if you just look at them the wrong way, so this story is quite miraculous.

Man throw phone

Phone screens can be very temperamental.

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You drop your phone from the second floor of a building and it's fine, but with a certain angle on a carpet, and the whole screen is shattered beyond repair.

(Yes we might be speaking from personal experience.)

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The point is that in that instant your heart just sinks and as you go to pick your phone up and turn it around to check the damage, you hope and pray that it's not that bad.

So just imagine how gutwrenching it would be if you dropped your phone out of an aeroplane, 300m above ground?

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Well, that's exactly what happened to filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto when he was up in the sky, flying over a beach in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, and working on one of his projects.

While using his iPhone 6s to take a few pictures, he made a quick gesture to the pilot, keeping only one hand on his phone, and lost his grip as the strong winds whipped it out of his hands.

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What makes this story so incredible is that the phone kept recording.

It captured the ENTIRE fall!

You can see all the footage below:

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While this might sound like a sad story, there is a plot twist.

The phone narrowly missed the ocean and landed on the beach after a 15-second fall at 11.10 am on a Friday, and thanks to its GPS service, they found it in near perfect condition the next day at 8.50 am.

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We don't know what magical technological powers the phone has or if this is just luck, but we know a few people (and cracked screens) that could use a little bit of it.

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