WATCH: Guy does backflip while skiing and drinking a beer

WATCH: Guy does backflip while skiing and drinking a beer

Just another typical day. Very casual.

Beer drinking skier

Do you believe that you are the king or queen of multitasking?

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Well, you might want to reconsider.

If multitasking was an Olympic sport, this guy would win gold, hands down.

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(Because this video actually makes it seem like a legit sport.)

Watch this anonymous skier put extreme sportspeople to shame with his impressive, and seemingly effortless, backflip:

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Selfie-stick in one hand, beer can in the other, and topless on the slopes, this guy seems to be living his best life.

And he is so completely nonchalant about it, it almost seems like he does this every day.

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Since we don't know who this man is and know nothing about him, that just might be the case.

Whoever he is, we hope to see a follow-up video soon.

Maybe drinking a cocktail while doing a frontflip?

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Main image courtesy of UNILAD Adventure Facebook

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