WATCH: How many M&Ms can you stack? This guy broke the Guinness World Record!

WATCH: How many M&Ms can you stack? This guy broke the Guinness World Record!

What's the weirdest thing you have heard of when it comes to the Guinness World Records? This can't be it but it's harder than you think...

WATCH: How many M&Ms can you stack? Guinness World Record for tallest stack
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When you peruse the Guinness World Records social media pages, you find that people do some crazy things when it comes to attempting to break world records. 

And if you think that there is a monetary motivation behind it all, there isn't. In fact, it is quite a lengthy process with around 60% of new records that are submitted being rejected, according to the Guinness World Records website

According to the Grunge website, there is no monetary gain when you break a record. The most that a record holder can hope for is a sponsor endorsement where they get some sort of recognition. 

In addition, the record holder receives a certificate detailing their prestigious achievement, well only for that year! Until someone else decides to challenge their record. 

So when it comes to this lad, we can imagine the energy and effort that it took to accomplish this (as mediocre as it sounds), it's a real thing and we haven't tried it but the video shows that it doesn't look easy at all. 

Would you ever attempt to break a record with the Guinness World Records? What would it be?

WATCH the current record holder for the Tallest Stack of M&Ms (courtesy of Instagram):

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