WATCH: Employee at a sandwich eatery falls asleep while making a sandwich!

WATCH: Employee at a sandwich eatery falls asleep while making a sandwich

Imagine making a sandwich and it was taking so long that you fell asleep... on the sandwich!

WATCH: An employee at a sandwich eatery falls asleep in the middle of the sandwich...
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Buying lunch isn't always ideal, especially when you are used to home cooked meals, which beat most things. But sometimes you get stuck in a situation and you are forced to buy lunch. We are assuming that was the case for this person, who was patiently waiting for their sandwich and then this happened...

Well, actually, we are not one hundred percent sure what actually happened here, whether making the sandwich took this long that it collided with nap time, or the person making the sandwich got hypnotised by the sandwich 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Reddit):

We loved the way people took the opportunity to make sleepy jokes here, but on the real, have you ever been in a situation where you just could not keep your eyes open? 

We're guessing that's what happened here. But more than that, we would love to have seen what actually happened when she woke up. Eek, imagine having to explain that to your customer and more than that to your manager! 

One person wrote: "Plot twist, it’s a quality check. Gotta make sure there’s not too many olives." 

This led to another person saying that they worked at a place where they made sandwiches and the owner was very particular about how many olives would go into each sandwich. So particular that he would say that he would review the video footage to ensure that the employees were only putting the said amount into each sandwich. 

Keeping it light and fresh, one person said: "In her defense that is a comfortable looking sandwich.

So let's end it off on that lighthearted note...

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