The top foods that get you in a good mood

The top foods that get you in a good mood

We take a look at the foods that are proven to get you in a good mood...

Foods that put us in a good mood
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We all have those days where the cravings get us pulling our hair out, to the point where we have to give in and make that move. However, sometimes that feeling of guilt takes over and leaves us feeling with some regret...

The good news is that some of the pleasures that we do enjoy daily put us in a good mood and that should count for something, right? We think so.

According to study done by Brits, "2,000 adults found that while delicious sugary snacks feature in the top 20, nuts and seeds, berries and fish are also among the foods thought to give you a boost." (SWNS)

"More than four in 10 have noticed how food affects their mood over the last few weeks, with 62 per cent citing it as one of the main things they choose to keep their spirits up at the moment."

We have been socialised into believing that treating ourselves to too much chocolate, coffee, ice-cream, and cake can be damaging to our health. Well, science says that this notion is true. Too much of a good thing can be damning for anyone. But that is why the rule of balance should be practiced in life.

"Chocolate - milk and dark - has been named the food most likely to improve your mood, followed by coffee, ice cream, chocolate biscuits and cake. Bananas, a cup of tea, berries and pizza completed the top 10." 

Dr. Megan Rossi, a Dietician who spoke on behalf of Yakult, a Japanese sweetened probiotic milk beverage, said that as much as it is challenging to keep our spirits up, it is integral to find ways to keep our spirits up for our overall health. 

This warrants a sigh of relief when it comes eating that chocolate bar in the afternoon when we are feeling that slump. It sure does pick us up, so we are not sure about you but we will take what we can. 

However, just like the concept of balance and finding it in life, eating dark chocolate rather than milk can have a host of benefits, so maybe try another approach, don't have your cake and eat it, maybe have half of it instead of the whole thing is what we are saying. 

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