VIDEO: Hijacking at petrol station in Chatsworth, KZN

VIDEO: Car hijacking at petrol station in Chatsworth, KZN

In a video that was shared on social media, we see a vehicle being hijacked at a petrol station somewhere in Chatsworth.

A vehicle is being hijacked at a petrol station in Chatsworth
A vehicle is being hijacked at a petrol station in Chatsworth/X Screenshot/@Abramjee

Proof that you should always be alert was served to us late on Tuesday evening when we saw a video of a car hijacking in Chatsworth, KZN.

A white vehicle speedily approached a parked car at what looked like a BP petrol station. 

Three unidentified people wearing black exited the car, approached the stationary vehicle, and forced the occupants out.

They looked like they were holding firearms. 

From the angle of the camera, we can see the passenger side of the hijacked car more clearly and one of the attempted hijackers frisking the passengers for their belongings. 

After a few seconds, we see the driver of the car walk away from the car slowly. The occupants of the hijacked vehicle do not resist. 

The suspected hijackers then drive off. Many bystanders watched on.

Not much more information was shared as to the exact location in Chatsworth or if the vehicle was recovered. Yusuf Abramjee shared the video on X. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of X:

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Image Courtesy of X

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