Ashley Somiah, Durban TikToker: "Don't be afraid to post your content"

Ashley Somiah, Durban TikToker: "Don't be afraid to post your content"

Ashley Adrian Somiah posts content that gets him noticed by Durbanites from all walks of life...

An Indian man dressed in turquoise suit speaking with a microphone
An Indian man dressed in turquoise suit speaking with a microphone/Supplied

If you have yet to see Durban Content Creator Ashley Adrian Somiah on TikTok, then perhaps you don't have a likening for relatable Durban things on your FYP (For You Page on TikTok). 

This 39-year-old Master of Ceremonies and Entertainer has grown his following in the last 18 months. 

Somiah is a father of three boys and lives in Chatsworth. He always saw his teen son participating in the dance challenges on TikTok and assumed the app was for teenagers. 

We asked him a few questions about how he started his journey on social media and this is what he had to say. 

Check out one of his most popular videos below, courtesy of TikTok


He also didn't smile for any of his birthday photos🎂😬

♬ original sound - Ashley Somiah

1. What drove you to start your journey on TikTok?

"My eldest son was always doing these dancing challenges on TikTok and I always thought the app was mainly for teenagers. But one day he told me, Dad please post one of your jokes on TikTok. After much consideration, I decided to post a Father's Day joke on the 14th of June 2022 and it reached around 105k views and 3000 likes. It also got shared on WhatsApp and Facebook. That's when I decided to post more content."

2. How do you come up with content on your page?

"I always follow the news and create jokes from there, talking about current events in a funny way.

 Also, I use everyday situations at home to create content eg. how people drink most of the cooldrink and leave an empty bottle in the fridge, how we use Checkers packets tied to the cupboard to throw our dirt etc. 

Whenever I'm out with the family they also give me ideas on what will be funny to post on TikTok. Eg. When we go to the Wildcoast my kids might say or do something funny and as soon as that happens I try to turn it into a comical video."

Check out one of his other popular videos, courtesy of TikTok


My baba was jus sittin der relaxin and wondering y mama is askin dada 1 million questions... He even got fed up😂😂😂

♬ original sound - Ashley Somiah

3. What is your goal, where do you want your content to take you professionally and personally?

" I'm a full-time Emcee (MC) and do a lot of Weddings, birthday parties etc and TikTok has helped me reach a bigger market nationally so maybe one day by God's grace I'll be on an international stage. 

I'm so happy and grateful that TikTok made me a more recognisable individual. Wherever I travel, people always come up to me and say "Hey you that guy from TikTok", they repeat my jokes and take a photo with me. I love meeting new people and making people laugh, so this drives me to post more and more content."

4. Does your family support you, I see sometimes they are in the videos.

"Yes 100% I love adding them to my videos and also they give me a lot of ideas on what will be great content. My family is my biggest support structure always motivating me and pushing me to do new videos. That's why I make sure every week I post at least three fun videos. 

Also, I added my new addition to my family, the 5-month-old baby, to my videos. I post him a lot and create content around parenting tips eg. How to make a baby sleep quicker  in a car seat."

Check out another video of his that has over 229,000 views, courtesy of TikTok


Baba was askin for my x-savings card😜

♬ original sound - Ashley Somiah

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5. Any advice for other people who want to become content creators?

"Don't be afraid to post your content. No matter how silly you think your videos are, you'll be amazed at the response. So if you have an idea of what content to put out, take that bold step and post it.

Have a thick skin when posting your content because there's always going to be troll accounts and people who dislike your videos and might leave nasty comments but my advice is don't ever respond to them and use the block button."

Here's another one of his videos, courtesy of TikTok


Maybe by den deyl have Lobaan flavored vape💨

♬ original sound - Ashley Somiah
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