Unhappy with his haircut, tourist chops off barber's hair

Unhappy with his haircut, tourist chops off barber's hair

Seems a tad bit extreme?

A barber is cutting a customer's hair with scissors
A barber is cutting a customer's hair with scissors/Pexels/@Dmitry Zvolskiy

Sadly, we cannot say that we don't know how this man felt when his haircut didn't turn out the way he wanted. It happens to us all. 

But, regardless of that, we can say with certainty that we have never reacted the way he did. 

In what seems like an outrageous event, a man who was unhappy with his haircut turned on his barber and cut a chunk of his hair off. 

It's not the first time we've heard of botched haircuts and we doubt it will be the last time, but this is why you will find that there is a breed of people that will not just visit any salon or barber shop for a haircut. 

They say in life you must have an accountant, a lawyer, and a banker, but we think you should add a hairstylist to that list, because what is life without a good hairdresser

The man who visited the barbershop in Pattaya, Thailand was identified as a tourist and couldn't speak much English. So, when he entered the barbershop, he used a lot of hand gestures to describe to the barber how he wanted his hair cut. 

But it seems there was a big case of miscommunication. 

"At one point, the man, who was later identified as a Russian tourist, looked into the mirror and flew into a feat of rage over the botched haircut. He started slamming his fists on the table and swearing at the barber, before picking up the shears and shaving part of his fringe as revenge." (Oddity Central)

Yikes, talk about anger management! We can understand that it is more than upsetting when someone messes your hair up, but that's the chance you take when you walk into a barbershop you haven't used before with an inability to speak the language.

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“After he slammed the table, he grabbed my head, pulled it down, then trimmed my hair with a clipper,” Suphachai, the 32-year-old barber, told reporters. I didn’t retaliate, but I felt angry. I thought about several potential consequences if I fought back. I was afraid of facing legal repercussions or losing my job. So I chose to do nothing.” (Oddity Central)

The man did not pay for his botched haircut and stormed off. The barber shaved his hair off because clearly the tourist was no 'Edward Scissorhands' and didn't leave him with any other choice. 

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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