WATCH: Lady shows her botched haircut on TikTok

WATCH: Lady shows her botched haircut on TikTok

The barber needs to seriously cut it out...

Unsplash - Hair spies

Imagine planning for an event and envisioning how great you're going to look or even spending hours and hours on Pinterest putting together a new look and then your barber decides to disappoint you?!

This is why many people stress the importance of never cheating on your barber because things can sometimes take a bad turn.

Well, things took a bad turn for a lady on TikTok.

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The lady took to TikTok to showcase what the barber had done to her hair.

By the looks of the result, she was not pleased at all.

In the video, the girl shows which cut she had initially wanted and then she shows the disastrous haircut she ended up with.

@carismavan @legends_barber_ #greenscreen ♬ OG THE PASTELS - Kneely_Knight

Almost everyone in the comments section was shocked by this haircut, some even mentioned their own stories of their nightmare haircut or what happened to them when they decided to be reckless and cheat on their barber.

Many of the comments were people laughing at the lady, saying maybe it's just her hair that's the problem.

This is probably a big lesson to NEVER cheat on your barber.

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