Uber driver eats customer's food and apologises

Uber driver eats customer's food and apologises

This woman's screengrab of the Uber Eats delivery person apologising for eating her meal has the internet in stitches. 

Uber Eats driver eats client's food
Twitter/ @idakher

Imagine waiting for your order to arrive and your phone beeps, only to receive a message from the driver that he/she has eaten your meal?! We're upset for this lady!

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A Twitter user took to the platform to share a message that she received from an Uber Eats Driver: "Sorry love, ate your food." On the one hand, we're happy that he let her know, but on the other hand, we're confused as to why he would think this was okay... 

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It turns out, this is not the first time this has happened to someone:

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The comments had us in stitches:

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She did not report him because she's not a snitch, but here's hoping he does not do it again. 

That's a zero star rating from us...

Photo Credit: Twitter/ @idakher

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