There's a camera the size of a grain of salt, believe it or not...

There's a camera the size of a grain of salt, believe it or not...

The question is how would you use this camera?

There's a camera the size of a grain of salt, believe it or not...

Of course we come from the era of photos, capturing almost everything that we experience and making sure that we post it to our online memory portals, aka our social media accounts. 

The importance of getting the perfect pic has taken precedence over most things in life. Our online stories rule pretty much everything, to the point where some of us become consumed into the matrix. 

But there's no shame in it, taking pride in how you look is important. It shows self love and it shows care for one's appearance. But all within reason, it pays to remember that part. On that note, when it comes to taking the perfect pics, it's got more to do with the camera than the environment. 

Because the right camera and knowing how to use it best, can produce the best pics. Well, scientists in the United States of America have not just made this possible for optics lovers but have also tried to make things interesting by creating a camera that is said to be the size of a coarse grain of salt. 

"Traditionally, cameras rely on a number of curved pieces of glass or plastic known as 'lenses' to keep images clear which limits how small cameras can be, however this one uses different technology to get around this - meaning the camera is tiny AND takes clear pictures!" (BBC)

So in other words, it is now going to be possible to have all the quality without all the baggage...

"The secret sauce of this new camera is that the surface contains 1.6 million cylinder shaped 'posts' which each use artificial intelligence and light to turn what they detect into an image." (BBC) Like hello, we should've known that there was AI involved...

Check out this video of the camera below, courtesy of YouTube:

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"Scientists are really excited by this new camera and think it could make a big difference to future technology. The camera could be used to help doctors take better images of the human body to help diagnose and treat diseases." (BBC)

What an amazing way to think about how a camera can be used for the betterment of the world and for medicine. It really changes the way you think about pictures, doesn't it? 

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