WATCH: Curious parrot distracts traffic camera with this childhood game

WATCH: Curious parrot distracts traffic camera with this childhood game

This is why we love parrots! 

Parrot peekaboo
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Most people love parrots for their cheeky and vivacious personalities. Once they learn some interesting phrases, they just happen to repeat the more edgier ones. 

This endangered Brazilian parrot also has so much fun with its adventurous spirit.

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This specific one was caught on camera playing a game you would usually play with your little infant or toddler. 

A turquoise-fronted Amazon parrot was captured on a CCTV camera along a busy Brazilian freeway.

The CCTV system, operated by the road management company Arteris Planalto Sul, spotted the bird’s antics on the freeway and shared the footage on Twitter, where it has been viewed more than 266,000 times.

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You see what we mean? People love this animal! 

This one specifically for being so quirky. 

While the parrot is a favourite pet in the United States, it is endangered in parts of Brazil and Bolivia, its natural habitat.

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Nevertheless, here is our feathered friend having fun in the sky.

Watch this: 

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Don't you just love seeing animals have their version of fun. 

It's just so adorable and cute to watch! 


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