Teen moves into a retirement village!

Teen moves into a retirement village!

A 19-year-old decides to sign a lease agreement without viewing the apartment and ends up living in a retirement village...


Madison Kohout moved into her new apartment and realised quite quickly that all her neighbours were over 65 years of age.

As time passed, she made a shocking discovery, she found a sign that read, 'Senior Citizens Apartment', and immediately shared this on her TikTok account. 

Metro revealed that she shared updates about her living arrangements on her social media and it was surprisingly positive.  

She raved about it being super quiet (because by the time she came home her neighbours were asleep) and the fact that she could play loud music because many of them couldn't hear well.

Looks like she's found the perks of living in a retirement village and recommends it to those struggling with rent. 

Would you be willing to live in a retirement village?

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