A hairy situation! Mom shows off hairbrush surprise

A hairy situation! Mom shows off hairbrush surprise

A mom shares a video on TikTok explaining what her daughter had hidden in her hairbrush. You will be shocked - well, if you're a parent, then you may not be...

WATCH: A mum reveals what is hidden in her hairbrush!
TikTok Screenshot/@shanai1999

Shanai Laronde went onto the online streets of TikTok to share with the world what she found in her hairbrush. The results are surprising... or are they? 

Well, if you are a parent then the results might not be that surprising, but perhaps more relatable.

She was brushing her hair and saw white stuff fall out. Thinking it was dandruff, a piece of bread fell out and she looked into the bottom panel of the brush to find a piece of crust jammed tightly into the brush's head!

Kids really do the darndest things and all we can do as parents is find the 'funny' in it. The little girl is heard apologising to her mother in the background.  

We love the cute little voice in the background saying, "I'm sorry mum!". We gotta give her some credit for apologising, it shows that she knows what she did wasn't right. 

Guess she didn't like the crust or maybe she just didn't want to hurt her mom's feelings and so decided to hide it. Only kids know why they do what they do. 

This led us to ask Carol Ofori whether she's had any special surprises from her little munchkins and she replied saying she hasn't, so all we have to say in response is: it's coming...

Have you found anything crazy in your belongings? We would love to know. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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