A sheep-tastic affair: How a video of sheep went viral.

A sheep-tastic affair: How a video of sheep went viral.

Lior Patel, a drone operator, shares a video of sheep online and gets a surprise when it goes viral. 

WATCH: A sheep video goes viral on the internet...Baarriliant....
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WATCH the original video from his Facebook page.

We love art, whether it comes from something intentional or not, the fact that beauty can occur in such various ways, amazes us. A drone operator, Lior Patel, showed us that even something as mediocre as sheep can become artistic and beautiful.

The above video was a compilation of footage that he had been collecting for some time. After studying the footage, he decided to let the sheep speak for themselves. He said that sometimes nothing comes of his work, except him getting to be in nature. This time, something amazing came of it and social media users agreed. 

The video has been viewed over 154,000 times on Instagram. And in a video interview with the BBC news channel, Lior Patel, who is from Haifa, Israel, shared that he thought that something had gone wrong with his computer after seeing the amount of interactions from online users. 

He said he always wondered what flocks of sheep would look like and so he started researching where he could find a large flock. He eventually found this herd of around 1,700 sheep at its peak. After trying to be creative with his shots, he decided to let the sheep move naturally and what he found was that they literally created a choreography that is both artsy and calming. 

He also spoke about the response to his video, and how it has been somewhat overwhelming. He says that he receives emails from all around the world asking for interviews. He says that he knows it will pass. But we say, sheep it up Lior, your work is art in itself. 

Check out one of his most recent videos below (courtesy of Instagram):

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