WATCH: Hilarious WWE-themed gender reveal party video goes viral

WATCH: Hilarious WWE-themed gender reveal party video goes viral

A video of this wrestling-themed gender reveal party has gone viral and we just took a trip down memory lane. It's team boy versus team girl in one of the most unique reveal parties, ever.

WWE-themed gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties have become one of the most unique and entertaining events over the past few years and this one is no different. 

These special occasions have become more than just a balloon-popping fest and have become a creative space for parents to have some fun ahead of parenthood. 

Sometimes they go really well and sometimes they fail - miserably.

This video posted on Twitter by @Wholesomemen_ is probably one of our favourite ones to date, as team boy and team girl face up in the famous WWE squared circle.

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In the video, we see two guys going head-to-head, pulling out all the stops and all the moves made famous by one of the most popular productions in the world. The video even gets the dramatic commentary made famous by the likes of Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler absolutely perfect.

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Watch out for the famous finishing moves and even an all-to-famous chair tactic whilst the referee is distracted by fellow partygoers.

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Watch the hilarious video below and don't try this at home...

A part of us was waiting for Stone Cold Steve Austin's famous theme song to drop and the beer to start flowing, but that would have been too much to ask for, right?

Image attribution: Twitter/@Wholesomemen_

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