Sky Tshabalala is gobsmacked at how expensive this sheep is!

Sky Tshabalala is gobsmacked at how expensive this sheep is!

The name, Double Diamond, is telling of the price he was sold for, but it's a "no" from Sky.

World's most expensive sheep

Sky Tshabalala could not believe it when he came across a ram that costs a fortune. 

Just recently, Sky had to buy a goat for a traditional ceremony and he was lamenting about how expensive goats are - the one he bought cost R3,500. 

"We had to pay R3,500 for a goat (G.O.A.T) and it wasn't even Lionel Messi!" Sky exclaimed.

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Double Diamond is a Texel sheep, and it's not unusual for these types of sheep to be sold with five-figure price tags, according to the Texel Sheep Society.

This one, in particular, cost eight million South African Rands!

"When I see a sheep, I think lamb chops. I don't think of bidding or paying so much money for it. Look, I don't know much about these things, but there is NO WAY I'm paying millions for a sheep," Sky said. 

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The ram, which is six months old, was sold following a bidding war at an auction in Scotland. What makes Texel sheep so expensive and special is that they have a muscular build and produce high-quality lean meat.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/JackDiamond

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