WATCH: Harrismith Lion Sanctuary opens new caged experience for humans

WATCH: Harrismith Lion Sanctuary opens new caged experience for humans

Harrismith Lion Sanctuary has a reverse zoo visitor experience...

WATCH: Harrismith Lion Sanctuary is offering visitors a chance for lions to interact with you (in a cage...)
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When it comes to having an experience, we are all for it. How else would you find out what you like and dislike if you haven't tried it out? But there is always a line, a line of reasoning, a line of limitations, and, well, just a line...

We've heard of shark cage diving, we are happy for those people who are keen to try out new and exhilarating experiences, but that is something that we choose not to try. Hot air ballooning was a big leap for Carol Ofori, so when it comes to being a part of adrenalin pumping activities such as this one, uh, we are sure she would pass...

The Harrismith Lion Sanctuary has flipped the script when it comes to visiting the lions. They have now closed things off for the visitor, creating na up-close-and-personal experience that allows visitors to be in a cage whilst the lions engage with them.

It's sort of a play on the zoo experience but in reverse, where the visitor is in the cage looking out at the lions and not the other way around. Definitely a new and refreshing take on experiencing our wildlife.

Check out the video below (courtesy of YouTube):

"Almost 1000 ha in size with breath-taking vistas of the Eastern Free State, GG offers visitors a chance to unwind and relax within a stone’s throw of surrounding tourist and historical sites...

"The current owners of the park say that their mission is, "Our mission is to love, protect and preserve the magnificent lions in our care," MSN reports.

The sanctuary is a home to more than 70 lions and they are cared for by the Shannon family. They will live out the duration of their lives in the sanctuary. 

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