SEE: He cheated, so she set her wedding dress on fire...

SEE: He cheated, so she set her wedding dress on fire...

You know what they say about a woman scorn...

SEE: He cheated, so she 'bride' her wedding dress...
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Being in a relationship with someone and then eventually getting married, only to find out three years into the marriage that your beloved husband has cheated on you, can really be heartbreaking. 

But it's the way you handle these kinds of situations that determines what type of person you are. You have to do you, doing what's best for you mentally, physically, and emotionally can help you heal and move forward. 

The thing is that being cheated on does not mean it's the end for you. Look at it as a beginning, as a fresh start. That's what this woman did and we actually think that it is quite therapeutic rather than vengeful. 

Chrissy Blake, 41, from Massachusetts in the US, wanted to do something symbolic to end her three-year marriage, after finding out that her husband had been cheating on her from before they got married. 

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"So instead of drowning her sorrows, the nutritionist took inspo from social media after coming across posts of fellow divorcees burning their wedding dresses in a ceremonious way. Speaking to British publication The Mirror, she said destroying the country-themed gown gave her "closure" after a tough divorce." (MSN)

What do you think of this ceremony? Do you think it is a good way of letting go and having some closure or do you think it was a bit extreme? 

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