WATCH: Woman fakes a wedding to get revenge on her ex!

WATCH: Woman fakes a wedding to get revenge on her ex!

Sarah Vilard went through a break-up in 2019 and reminisces about the time she faked a wedding to get revenge on her ex...

Woman fakes a wedding to get back at her ex
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Have you ever had a bad break-up? Well, this woman took her break-up to a new level when she decided to take out revenge on her ex in the most absurd way.

Sarah Vilard, a 28-year-old woman from Germany, held a fake wedding and captured all the details so that she could take out the ultimate revenge on her ex.

She posts this reminiscent moment on her TikTok account and received over 2.4-million views on her post. With almost 4,500 comments, we are sure that people found it absurd and unheard of. 

One person said: “I like your commitment to crazy.” Whilst another asked, “BUT DID HE TEXT YOU”, to which she responded, “I’ll share screenshots of what he said.”

Once she said this, people went on a frantic craze telling her that they wanted to see, which led to over 2,600 comments. Many asking others to tag them when she shares the screenshots.

The response purely lets us know that people are attracted to drama and all the negative that came with this kind of situation. Which isn't really ideal when it comes to moving forward in life. 

Watch the video below (Courtesy of TikTok): 


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