Scientists create a pill that helps people feel full

Scientists create a pill that helps people feel full

Could this be the device that helps people change their mindset towards overeating?

A black woman about to bite into a donut standing at the fridge
A black woman about to bite into a donut standing at the fridge/iStock/Tommaso79

Not everyone has the willpower to shed the weight that they have accumulated over the years. 

As we all know, weight gain doesn't just happen overnight, but the effects of it are not just bad for your physical health, but also your mental health. 

We've seen how important a role the mind plays in weight gain as well as weight loss. 

For those who struggle to find the willpower to lose weight and resist overeating, scientists have come up with a solution. 

"Researchers at MIT created a high-tech pill that starts to vibrate once it makes contact with gastric fluid in the user’s stomach in order to stimulate receptors in the stomach and create the sensation of fullness." (Oddity Central)

The smart pill, called VIBES (Vibrating Ingestible BioElectronic Stimulator), is being hailed as the future of weight-loss by the media. 

The pill has not been tested on humans but has been tested on pigs and has yielded positive results. 

"After about 30 minutes of VIBES activity, pigs consumed on average almost 40 percent less food in the next half hour than they did without the smart pill. Apparently, the revolutionary device works by activating stretch receptors in the stomach, simulating the presence of food." (Oddity Central)

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Even though we live in a world that suffers from poverty, we also live in a world that equally struggles with obesity. 

Could this be the solution for people suffering from overeating and obesity? 

"The vibrating stimulator, which is about the size of a vitamin pill, is powered by an encased battery and activated either by the gastric fluid dissolving a membrane around the pill, or by an incorporated timer. After producing the desired effect, the pill exits the body with other solid waste. The good news is that it is expected to have a cost in the cents to one dollar range, and researchers say that it may eventually be possible to implant the stimulator and thus remove the need for people to constantly ingest it." (Oddity Central)

Whatever the sentiment from the masses, we just hope that the scientists have considered any side effects of having a device such as this inside your gut. 

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Image Courtesy of iStock/Tommaso79

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