Study reveals eating pasta doesn't lead to weight gain

Study reveals eating pasta doesn't lead to weight gain

Bring on the pasta then! Guilty conscience be gone...

A person mixing a bowl of spaghetti
A person mixing a bowl of spaghetti/Pexels/@Greta Hoffman

As a community, we try to avoid certain foods because they are generally associated with weight gain or deemed unhealthy. 

We have become very health conscious over the years, especially since the food we eat today is very different to the food our parents ate. 

This has become a necessary measure in our lives, to be more health conscious and watch what we put into our mouths. Anyone would agree that when we think about pasta, it isn't usually associated with healthy eating. 

It's more of a decadent dish that leaves us feeling hearty and whole. In other words, eating a bowl of pasta when you are trying to follow a healthy eating plan can leave one with a feeling of guilt...

But all that is about to change. We heard about a study that was conducted by scientists, Lisa Sanders and Joanne Slavin. 

The comprehensive study has revealed that "regular pasta consumption isn't associated with increased body weight." (Instagram)

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That makes a whole lot of sense now when we look at the Italians and how lean and clean they look with their slim bodies. 

But like anything in life, balance is key. 

"Turns out, this Italian staple is a low-glycemic carb powerhouse, setting itself apart from other carbs like potatoes, bread, and rice. Noodles however are still out of the question as it wasn’t included in the study." (MSN)

Things like portion control and the texture of the pasta are important to note when including it in your meal plan. Achieving an 'al dente' cook helps with some of the resistant starch remaining, "which makes its composition similar to brown rice or buckwheat." (MSN)

So, in other words, you can enjoy the pasta, but you have to be smart about following the rules of engagement with this slurping good carb. 

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