Tips to lose weight after the season of indulging

Tips to lose weight after the season of indulging

Focus on what you want to achieve and what's achievable. 

A lady and a man seated at a table eating at Christmas party
A lady and a man seated at a table eating at Christmas party/Pexels/@RDNE Stock project

There's no doubt that we have our guilty pleasures during the festive season. 

It is that time of the year when you just want to let go and indulge as you gather with friends and family. 

But then as we move into the New Year, those extra kilos tend to get in the way of life, and it is generally around this time of year that everyone wants to start afresh and get their health in order. 

According to StarsInsider on MSN: "It's important to differentiate between proper weight gain, caused by excessive caloric consumption, and just feeling bloated, which can be caused by fluid retention. Water retention symptoms include a distended belly, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and swollen eyelids, lips, and hands."

If you are uncertain, we always think consulting a qualified dietician or nutritionist is the best way to go. 

Over and above an assessment, these medical professionals can advise you with a proper diet. 

Having a clear understanding of your current state of health will also help you identify your weight goals. This way you can focus on what you want to achieve and also be realistic about your expectations. 

It's important to note that everyone's body is different and you shouldn't compare.

Strong commitment and setting daily goals are important in staying focused on your journey. It also helps you become more accountable for your health. 

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Creating meal plans and meal prepping before the week starts not only helps you stick to eating healthier, but it also helps with your budget. 

Fresh meals are always a greater source of nutrients than ready-made processed foods, so consider that when planning your meals. 

Sticking to eating times also helps you find a routine and is good for your body. Far too often, our mind controls our portion size, so, "place your portion directly on your plate and avoid leaving pots and pans on the table for serving purposes." (MSN)

Water should be your desired beverage choice, eat fruits if you have a sugar craving, increase your fibre and protein, reduce carbohydrates, and exercise.

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