Mpumalanga blesser confiscates BMW after girlfriend cheats

Yikes! Mpumalanga blesser confiscates BMW after girlfriend cheats

Prepare for repercussions if you’re planning to cheat on your blesser!

blesser conficates car

When a blesser from Mpumalanga found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, he decided to punish her by taking away her beloved BMW.

In a new video that is spreading all over social media like wildfire, a man from Mpumalanga can be seen taking back his BMW E90 from his 'cheating' girlfriend as the crowd cheers him on in the background.

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In the video, the man is seen sitting on the bonnet of the moving vehicle as he tries to stop his girlfriend from driving away. When the woman eventually does stop the vehicle, the man pushes his girlfriend out of the vehicle while getting a massive amount of support from the crowd.

In a separate incident, another cheated-on blesser from Nelspruit got his revenge by hiring a bulldozer to demolish a double-story mansion that he bought for his girlfriend.

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In a video shared on Twitter, a user explains: “A man built a house for a lady, he discovered that she is cheating, he then hired an excavator to demolish the house. He said it's better than killing her, it’s his money afterall.”

Image courtesy: Facebook

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