Professional packers detail some of the most bizarre items they’ve relocated

Professional packers detail some of the most bizarre items they’ve relocated

These packers have relocated everything from life-size plastic cows to dolls and suits of armour.


Moving is an extremely stressful exercise. From ensuring that the old place is packed up and cleaned to making sure everything is as expected in the new property, home owners have a lot on their minds during this period. Luckily, they can hire professional packers to relocate their cherished items. While the packers are used to packing up your underwear and wrapping up every single item of glass during the move, some packers find themselves relocating some rather unusual items.

Wayne Winfield, who’s been a professional mover at McCarthy’s Removals in Leeds for 24 years, shares that he has packed up countless homes from the middle-class to ultra-wealthy footballers and TV and sports personalities.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, he shares that while he’s used to the generic items people move, he has come across some rather unusual objects to relocate – including a genuine ejector seat from a second world war Phantom fighter jet, a full-size plastic cow, a brass statue of a client’s daughter in a tutu and full ballet pose, and a life-size resin effigy of Elvis Presley.

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“We once moved a life-size Predator model made out of motorbike parts,” he says. “That was ridiculously heavy, around 2 meters tall, too!”

When asked, he says his most memorable move was that of a house he described was “like a museum”, which included massive oil paintings on the walls, suits of armour, and other medieval weaponry on display. He was also part of relocating historical weapons from The Royal Armouries in Leeds. “As you can imagine, this isn’t your average removal,” he says. “I had to have a designated curator travel with me, on a predesignated and approved route.”

Kate Hart, a removals and relocation manager at Fantastic Services, adds that she has also come across some bizarre items while relocating – including a full set of knight armour from someone’s personal collection.

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“I thought those things are in castles and museums only, however it turns out that they are quite popular and this particular client even wears his armour at fairs from time to time,” she says. “I found that pretty fun and interesting, but packing the whole set is definitely not fun. There are a lot of small elements that need to be neatly packed and you have to pay attention not to place leather elements near metal edges to limit the risk of damage.”

She adds that she once relocated a very expensive wine collection consisting of 1,000 bottles of red wine, as well as a cryptocurrency farm. “I’ve never packed so much tech in a single job, and probably never will again,” she says of the crypto farm. “The video cards were expensive and considering we didn’t have the original packages, it wasn’t an easy task to pack them well! Using nylon and bubble wrap wasn’t an option, because it was a hot day and we didn’t want to risk it with condensation forming and damaging a card.”

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A day she won’t soon forget was when she was tasked with relocating a collection of porcelain dolls. “We once had to pack a dozen of them,” she says. “They were all lined up in front of me, ready to be wrapped in paper and bubble wrap, it was like facing a trial. I just hate the way their eyes open and close while you are shifting them around to pack them securely.”

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