South Africans can now get their hands on an antique vampire killing kit

South Africans can now get their hands on an antique vampire killing kit

An antique collector in Johannesburg got his hands on this kit from the 1700s – and it can be yours!


Today, vampires aren’t the scary villains they once were. They’re the topics of romance novels, teen television shows, and even animated series for kids, but back in the 1700s, people around the world were petrified that the blood-sucking creature would come for their demise. So, they created vampire killing kits to keep themselves safe – and you can now get your hands on one of these antique items!

Private antique dealer, Matthew Parsons, says the item is officially on sale, but that the owner of the piece wanted to remain anonymous because of the fact that he is a well-known fine antiques collector.

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Parsons explains that the kit was bought at a Christies auction in 2010 for £6,000 (R122,000) and is now on sale for anything from R170,000 and up. He adds authentic vampire kits are proving to be more popular and that there is an international demand for kits of this kind. He explains that vampire killing kits show up in auctions and regularly sell for as much as R380,000.

vampire killing kit

There is written evidence of these kits dating all the way back to the 1700s and originating in Eastern Europe, where the vampire myth originated. This one, in particular, is the only original kit in South Africa and is listed as “used but in good condition,” Parsons says.

According to Times Live, the kit includes a crucifix (to keep the undead away), daggers in the shape of the cross (a dagger to the heart will kill a vampire), a pistol, and a clamp to make silver bullets (silver will kill the vampire). There is also a King James Bible from 1873 and four vials from 1875, and this is where the “used” comes in. The vials still contain terra sancta (holy ground), aqua sancta (holy water), garlic powder (vampires hate garlic), and a serum.

vampire killing kit

Interestingly, the serum in question is said to be the blood of a dead person and the contents of the various vials are meant to be used with a glass syringe. The needle of the syringe also seems to still have blood in it.

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Parsons says that, so far, he’s received 15 serious enquiries from buyers, with most of the enquiries coming from Canada and the United States. However, he says that there were two people interested from South Africa.

 If you are interested in owning this kit, contact Matthew Parsons at [email protected].

Image courtesy: Matthew Parsons

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