Museum removes Donald Trump wax figure because people keep punching it in the face

Museum removes Donald Trump wax figure because people keep punching it in the face

Louis Tussaud's Waxworks in San Antonio has decided to pull the Donald Trump figure.

Trump wax figure

It’s safe to say that Donald Trump was one of the most hated and most controversial American presidents in history. While he has a large fanbase, he has an equally as big group of people who despise him and the policies he implemented during his term. Many have used a wax figure of the former reality star to let out their frustrations – and it’s prompted the museum to remove the figure from display.

Louis Tussaud's Waxworks in San Antonio, Texas has confirmed that it will be moving it’s lifelike figure of Donald Trump into storage after visitors have started a new tradition of punching the figure in the face.

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"They punched and scratched the figure, inflicting so much damage that management had it pulled from public view," said Clay Stewart, regional manager for museum owners Ripley Entertainment, to San Antonio Express News. "When it's a highly political figure, attacks can be a problem."

Typically, wax figures of the president are displayed until a new president is elected and a new figure is displayed. But in this case, the museum has opted to remove the figure of Donald Trump early.

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The Joe Biden model is currently in the works at Ripley's headquarters in Florida.

Donald Trump, however, is not the first president to be removed from the museum early because of attacks by visitors. "We've always had trouble with the presidential section because no matter what president it was - [George W.] Bush, [Barack] Obama or Trump - they've all had people beat them," Clay adds. "The ears were torn off Obama six times. And then Bush's nose was punched in. People are just aggressive about their political party."

Image courtesy: Ripley’s Entertainment

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