#Normalise: Washing the dishes before you go to bed

#Normalise: Washing the dishes before you go to bed

One of the biggest pet peeves of being an adult is the seemingly constant cycle of washing dishes, making them dirty, and then having to wash them again.

Washing dishes or nah

Just when you think your kitchen is clean and you can chill, you come to the almost irritating realisation that you need some food.

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Which means you have to probably make something, or at least use some utensils.

This leads you to once again having dirty dishes in the sink.

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The neverending story continues...

So what would be the most effective way to deal with dishes that are always piling up?

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Maybe you should wash your dishes before going to bed at night?

Vic Naidoo was kind of undecided, so he put the question to KZN: "Should we #Normalise washing the dishes in the evening instead of in the morning?"

(You're most likely not going to wash a bunch of dishes before work.)

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