#Normalise: Stop calling me friend!

#Normalise: Stop calling me friend!

"We need to stop being lazy and call people by their names!" - Vic.


Sometimes the things we consider "normal" should be questioned.

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And that's exactly what Vic is doing every Friday.

He has addressed many different behaviours and habits that people should change.

From taking off your shoes when entering a home to keeping it moving on the escalators.

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Today he tackles another behaviour that could actually be blamed on people just being lazy.

Has it ever happened to you that someone you know never calls you by your name, but instead always refer to you as "friend", "dude" or "girl"?

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And you just know it's because they have forgotten your name.

So Vic asked KZN if to decide: "Should we #normalise NOT calling everyone friend or mate?"

Listen below to find out what the final decision was:

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