#Normalise: Male manicures and pedicures

#Normalise: Male manicures and pedicures

When we refer to a well-groomed male - what exactly does that entail?

Male manicure

For many decades, women have gone to their local salons to get their nails taken care of.

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Manicures have evolved so much over the years, that it is considered an art form.

And just as the incredible nail art and nail trends have grown, it has become more common for men to go to get their nails done as well.

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We don't mean some of the crazy and super out there nail styles.

But men have over recent years begun to take better care of themselves.

This includes going to professionals to get their hair and beards trimmed and styled, massages and facials.

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So why not include manicures and pedicures, where all you're really doing is clipping and filing your nails (maybe throwing in a very relaxing hand massage?).

Vic decided to share a recent experience he had that involved a manly manicure and asked KZN: should it be #Normalised?

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