Neighbours send couple ‘mortifying’ note reminding them their walls are ‘paper thin’

Neighbours send couple ‘mortifying’ note reminding them their walls are ‘paper thin’

This is probably the most embarrassing note you can get from someone living next door...

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An Australian couple have shared a note they got from their 'sleep deprived' neighbours reminding them that their bedroom walls are ‘paper thin’ and asked if the couple could turn their bedroom antics down a little.

How embarrassing?!

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The note, which has since been shared on social media, sees the neighbours complaining about the couple’s ‘noisy daily life’ of loud talking and music – but, more specifically, the noises they make in the bedroom late at night.

The neighbours add that their children have been left ‘traumitised’ by the couple’s sex noises and threatened to name and shame them on the community Facebook page if they don’t stop.

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"To the new neighbours who moved in - located at the back of the units right above the laundry and closest to the car park/clothes lines. YOUR WALLS ARE PAPER THIN,” the note reads.

The note adds that the couple woke up mortified to the sound of the couple having sex.

"You are showing very little respect for the people living all around you who have little kids who are traumatised by the noises!!” the note continues. "Your sexcapade was then followed by laughing and chatting until early morning hours. We can actually hear every word you say. Can you please keep it down. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS when you have sex because it is NOT SEXY AT ALL."

The anonymous note was simply signed, ‘your sleep-deprived neighbours’.


The note has had many giggling on social media – but many are concerned about just how thin these walls really are. One user commented: "I'm more concerned they can hear your conversations while talking... your walls must be stupidly thin. That's ridiculous."

While some encouraged the couple to be even louder, others said that the situation could have been handled better.

"Like in all honestly, as funny as the encouragement to just be even louder is - I don't actually want to disturb my neighbours' sleep and I don't particularly want them to hear me having sex,” another user adds. "So of course I'm going to try and keep it down and shut my goddamn windows. Just don't be a d*** about in next time... But also thanks for the meme, Karen."

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What’s the one thing your neighbours do that annoys you? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

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