Meet the remarkable puppy born with six feet and two tails

Meet the remarkable puppy born with six feet and two tails

Vets are describing this little pooch as a miracle!

Puppy Skipper

Meet Skipper – a unique little pup who was born in Oklahoma City on 16 February with a rare medical condition - extra limbs and a tail, which veterinary experts are calling a ‘miracle’.

According to experts, the puppy was supposed to have a twin, but it seems that the two failed to completely split apart which is why Skipper has twice as many body parts from the waist down.

After undergoing a variety of scans and tests, it’s been determined that Skipper, a Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix, has got two pelvic regions, two reproductive systems, and two tails as a result of two congenital conjoining disorders called monocephalus dipygus and monocephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus.

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Veterinary experts claim that they have not been able to find any published case studies of a puppy being born alive with her congenital condition. The experts adds that because her condition is congenital and not genetic, they are optimistic that Skipper has a good life ahead of her.

“Positively, her organs appear to be in great shape, she is peeing and pooping, and is very strong! She nurses well and is growing appropriately so far,” Dr. Everett, a veterinarian at Neel Veterinary Hospital, says.

More good news is that vets are convinced that Skipper won’t need to have any of her legs removed because they all respond to stimulus, adding that the two extra legs may even serve her as an advantage, keeping her stable and balanced as she learns to walk.

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To ensure that Skipper’s legs continue to stay strong, vets have given Skipper’s owner a variety of motion exercises which will keep her legs in tip-top shape.

The pooch has been making quite the impact since she was born last month, with multiple people offering support in terms of any future veterinary bills and even a lifetime supply of delicious treats.

"She's moving around like a healthy puppy. I'm not currently seeing any outward signs of any pain or discomfort,” Dr Everett adds. However, her life expectancy may be shorter than that or a normal pup. "With this puppy, without knowing exactly how things are wired inside or how she will continue to develop, we don't know how long she will live for. She might have a much shorter life expectancy than an average pup."

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In the meantime, Skipper is expected to live a happy, healthy life. "It's very exciting, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn more about her and what she can teach us," Dr. Everett concludes.

Image courtesy: Neel Veterinary Hospital

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