The most R-rated property listing ever

The most R-rated property listing ever

Reddit users stumbled upon a very humourous property listing, for what seemed to be nothing more than a normal one-bedroom apartment.


The property description, for an apartment in New York City, USA, was not as family-friendly as one would expect on such a site.

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The description is pretty dirty and goes as follows:

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How does something like this happen? Users were speculating that it might have been meant to only be a private joking email between real-estate agents but ended up being posted onto the site without realising.

Although it should be noted that the description has since been changed to an accurate description of the property.

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Either way, it did provide quite a few laughs, but the question remains: 

Would this kind of property listing make you more interested or less interested in a building?

Main image courtesy of Pexels

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