Lady Gaga injures Ariana Grande during making of 'Rain On Me' video

Lady Gaga injures Ariana Grande during making of 'Rain On Me' video

The 'Rain On Me' collaborators have not been shy about showing love and respect towards one another since teaming up for the chart-topping hit.

Gaga & Grande

Since announcing the news that they will be releasing music together, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have been almost inseparable and clearly have a very special bond.

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The number 1 hit has gone on to dominate the MTV Video Music Awards 2020 with seven nominations.

And to celebrate and show her appreciation, Lady Gaga decided to give us an intimate and behind-the-scenes look into the world of 'Chromatica', through 'Gagavision'.

'Gagavision' is essentially a bunch of documentary-style/compilation videos being posted by Lady Gaga on social media and showcasing the creation of 'Rain On Me'.

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During the latest installment, it was revealed that Lady Gaga injured Ariana Grande during the rehearsals for the music video.

Watch the video here:

Let's be honest: we would probably act the same as Grande if Lady Gaga accidentally were to scratch us...

Who needs an autograph when you have a more permanent reminder?

Main image courtesy of Lady Gaga Official Instagram

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