Car crashes into Cape Town cafe

Car crashes into Cape Town cafe

Putting the fast in fast food, the driver of a Jaguar ended up making quite an entrance at a cafe in Cape Town on Tuesday.

Unsuspecting patrons at the Botanicum Cafe and Grill had front row seats as a white Jaguar F-Type, worth approximately R1.2-million, came crashing into the outside dining area. 

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The car ended up bonnet first underneath the cafe awning after the driver allegedly accelerated instead of braking while pulling into the parking space.

Luckily no injuries were reported by anyone involved.

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Explaining the strange experience to us, Marc Botes, the owner of the cafe, said: "Just before 11am, a car was pulling in to park in front of our restaurant, when it seemingly overshot the space. We are just so thankful that none of our guests or staff were injured."

Even though this is probably the last thing the restaurant needs during this time, they opted to post a photo of the car crash, tables everywhere, with the caption: "Steve our delivery driver has some explaining to do."

The crash has since gone viral, with videos like the one below flooding social media:

Seeing this crash triggered Vic, making him think back to times where he had to deal with terrible drivers and he had to ask KZN: Who’s the worst driver you know?

Listen below to find out what they had to say:

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Main image courtesy of Pexels

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