A ‘greedy’ couple slammed after wedding invites demand that guests give money instead of a gift

A ‘greedy’ couple slammed after wedding invites demand that guests give money instead of a gift

Social media is divided after a tacky way a couple asked attendees for money instead of a gift on their big day was revealed.


It’s no secret that planning a wedding can get very costly. The cost of the venue, clothing, flowers, catering, photography, and everything in between can put a lot of couples into debt. So, it’s become common for guests to gift the bride and the groom with money. However, one Australian couple has come under fire for asking their guests to gift them with R1,000 so that they can recuperate the price of their lavish wedding.

Ahead of the wedding day, the bride and groom sent out what they called a ‘wishing well’ card which encouraged the guest to "pull out your greens and let it be seen." In Australia, 'greens' is another term used for $100 because of the colour of the note.

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Wishing well

"Our bank account is in debt, and we would like it to go back into credit. Please visit the ATM, we know you're a gem. Pull out your greens and let it be seen that your kindness is real when it's given its final seal. So place your cash in our wishing well and make our dreams come true, that will be swell," the poem read.

A photograph of the card was shared onto Facebook by the invitation designer and has since gone viral on social media, causing a massive online debate.

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"Eeek ... I feel like the choice of words about the wishing well is a bit ... tacky?" one Facebook user wrote. Others claimed that the couple’s request is ‘shocking’. "Oh wow. I’ve always wondered what the polite way to ask for money is. I know this ain’t it,” another user wrote. A third added: "Greedy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an actual ATM at their wedding."

However, while others understood that the couple prefer money to make up some of the costs of their big day, they thought the poem came across badly. "I’m more offended by that terrible attempt at rhyming and poetry," another Facebook user joked.

What are your thoughts on asking for money from wedding guests? Do you think it’s tacky to ask for a particular amount? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

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