The lockdown blind date couple are engaged!

The lockdown blind date couple are engaged!

We guess his cooking skills melted her heart...

The lockdown blind date couple are engaged!
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Do you remember the story about that couple who were stuck together after being on their first date? After deciding to go to her date's home for a meal, considering he boasted about his cooking skills, a woman ended up getting stuck in his apartment...

Why? Because the city he lived in, in China, went on a swift lockdown, due to the amount of positive COVID-19 cases that erupted. Now if we had to narrow down the amount of awkward situations, this would reign number one. 

But this awkward situation came with a happy ending, or should we say beginning. The couple were stuck in the guy's apartment for around a week. It seems their time together planted a seed of love in the making. 

That and perhaps his cooking skills sparked something between them, because they have revealed their engagement.  

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Zhao said that when she first saw a photograph of him, she wasn't very interested. But later she admitted that he looked better in reality. Zhao works as an online apple trader. 

We love happy endings and this story certainly leaves us feeling like love lives everywhere, all you have to do is walk around with an open mind. 

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