LISTEN: Durban Clean Up efforts even hosted Batman this weekend!

LISTEN: Clean Up Durban efforts welcomed Batman this weekend!

A man named Justin Walter came to the Clean Up Durban efforts this past weekend dressed in very 'heroic' attire...

LISTEN: Durban Clean Up mission brings in some upliftment with a night in shining armour

Justin Walter, a husband and father, decided with his family to join the Clean Up Durban efforts that were being orchestrated by Cindy Wadsworth and a group of dedicated Durbanites. 

He and his family were feeling disheartened by all the violence and mayhem that riddled our city for most of last week. Like many other Durbanites and South Africans, they felt drained and traumatised by everything that they had seen. 

As a way of trying to give back and pick their city up, they decided to join in the cleaning efforts around the Cornubia Industrial area on Sunday. 

Justin was a bit apprehensive at first, thinking of the logistics of cleaning up with a chunky Batman suit on, but that quickly changed when he thought of how it could be received by the community members who would be coming to help clean up. 

We loved the sentiment behind his efforts, it really is something that allowed us to smile amidst all the heartache. In true South African spirit, Justin managed to bring a smile to our fellow South Africans' faces and with something so simple and innocent. 

This is just something that allowed us to believe that we can overcome anything and everything that is thrown on our path. As South Africans, the one thing that we share is determination. We can turn anything around, that's up to us. 

And with community efforts such as Clean Up Durban and Rebuild SA, we can firmly say that we will be back on our feet, fighting for a better country in no time. Thank you to Justin Walter for showing us that superheroes do exist, they are within each and everyone of us...

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