LISTEN: Our local heroes in communities stand together during uncertain times

LISTEN: Our local heroes in communities stand together during uncertain times

As violence and looting permeate through our province, we take some time to notice the local heroes that stand together.

LISTEN: Communities stand together as the unrest continues
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It's been a tough week for most of KwaZulu-Natal, with the city looking like it's been through warfare. It has been mentally and physically draining for many of us as South Africans. 

Businesses have been looted and their skeletons lie charred and in mayhem, nothing but sadness lingers through our communities. The motivation behind all #KZNShutdown behaviour has literally lit the province on fire. It has left many of us in tears, our favourite places in KZN left in pieces. But in these uncertain times, there has been some grace amidst it all. 

We asked you what you are grateful for and you came through in leaps and bounds. We know that things have not been easy. Besides trying to stay brave for your families, you have been concerned about food, about nappies and milk, the bare necessities have left you stressing silently. 

But just the fact that we all have taken time out to share our resources with our neighbourhood, stand guard and protect our homes and families is wonderful to see. The fact that we have chosen to act without anger, without violence, it says a lot about our communities. It says that we all have good in us, we are capable of caring and sharing. Let's choose to stay on that path of unity, let's not allow the anger take over. We are all one, we can be civil and kind to our fellow South Africans. 

We can pick ourselves up after this. Yes, we can. It is built deep within us. We are wired to get up, dust ourselves off, and clean up this mess. With community groups already chatting about clean up efforts, this, South Africa, shows solidarity. Amidst all the smoke there will be light, and we commend you all for standing together. 

We thank you for coming forth today and sharing your community stories with us. We are grateful to be able to be here for you all. For those who are alone, with no family in town, we are here for you...

Stay strong during these tough times. Let us stand together and rebuild our communities. To all our local heroes, we see you, we appreciate you, and we are grateful. 

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