Durban's Deadpool in your neighbourhood

#BestOf2021: Remember Durban's Deadpool in the streets of KZN?

You might have seen someone sporting a 'superhero' suit while driving or at your nearest coffee shop - it was not Spiderman but Durban's very own Deadpool.


While everyone is excited by having  a Spiderman at their birthday party or event, we were excited by Deadpool. Once we spotted him, we had to have a chat to him. 

After numerous attempts to track down the local man in the Deadpool suit, the first stop was his Instagram: 

You will find him in different parts of Durban - spreading positivity across the city. He is a high school student whose main objective is to create joy and happiness in our residents' lives. He believes that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were less 'alive' and 'bright' from being in their homes for long periods and having less physical and social interactions with people. 

Durban Deadpool wants to reignite and set people's joy alight by randomly popping up at malls, coffee shops, schools and in the streets. 

Unfortunately, he does not want to share his identity, but we were able to speak to Marshall Security's Andreas Mathios who personally knows Deadpool. Here is what might interest you about the young man: 

A video of Marshall Security's collaboration with the young man was shared on social media and it was decided to feature the young, bright and inspiring man in a promo. 

One thing he has in common with the nationwide Spiderman is that they've put a smile on our faces.. 

So, when you run into Deadpool be sure to just say hi to the young man. It's very rare to find people who chooses to intentionally be on a journey to brighten up people's day. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a superhero. 


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Main Image Courtesy: @durban_deadpool

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