Kim and Paul are the new Karen

Kim and Paul are the new Karen

The top names of people most likely to complain online have been revealed.


The name Karen has become not only a meme but a way of life.

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You might even know a Karen.

They're the type of person who will call the manager over the slightest inconvenience or in general enjoys belittling service industry workers.

Now since the digital age has begun, it has become even easier to rant or complain online where you can say what you want form the safety of your own home.

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Travel websites have seen the most action with people not holding back when writing their reviews, especially the bad ones.

If you see a restaurant, hotel, or attraction, you can be guaranteed that they will be featured on a site such as Tripadvisor.

From petty to understandable, some reviews are also just mean.

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One UK comparison site has decided to sort through ALL the comments on Tripadvisor.

Their goal was to find the names of the people who generally complain more and the answers are in.

So congratulations to anyone named Kim and Paul, you are officially the people most likely to complain.

And, surprisingly, the iconic landmark with the most negative reviews: The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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But getting back to the names, don't be too disappointed, because the second name on the women's list is Karen and with men saw John in second place.

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