Keep or Cut with Vic Naidoo: Spill the tea on your hairdresser!

Keep or Cut with Vic Naidoo: spill the tea on your hairdresser

A woman shares a video on TikTok where she is trying to style her hair and her curling brush gets stuck in her hair! This leads us to our 'Keep or Cut' segment with Vic Naidoo when Christine from Richards Bay talks about her hairdresser messing her hair up recently...

Keep or Cut with Vic Naidoo: Dish your hairdresser who is messing up?

"I’ve had the same hairdresser for the last 11 years and she has been amazing. But the last two visits, I’ve left there thinking I’ve wasted my money. She’s making a mess of my hair lately. The worst part is she thinks it looks beautiful, but it’s definitely not what I’ve asked for and even my family laughed at me when I got home after the last visit. 

It’s terrifying trying to find a new hairdresser, but I think it might be time. I’d love to know what KZN thinks or if anyone has had a similar experience. Should I keep or cut my hairdresser? I love your show by the way.

Christine in Richards Bay."

Traditionally, we are of the opinion that many men and women trust their hairdressers more than they trust their parents (laughing out loud), so it leaves us disheartened when our hairdressers do something that leads us to question their 'Je ne sais quoi'...

Christine is left in a difficult position with her hairdresser who is lacking in the style department as she is not doing what Christine wants and more than that she actually thinks what she does looks good. Isn't the first rule of any business - to listen the client?

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Watch how the woman who got her hairbrush stuck in her hair remove it - painful and sad for her. Her other videos show her swearing and crying, saying that she is so embarrassed to be driving with a hairbrush stuck to her head, but this truly left others in a stitch. 

So can we then say we need help because this is what happens when we try doing it ourselves?

Listen to the podcast and find out what KZN had to say to Christine...

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