WATCH: Rapunzel has finally let down her hair and cut it off!

WATCH: Rapunzel has finally let down her hair and cut it off!

This is a public service announcement: Teen with world's longest hair cuts it off after 12 years!

Cutting the world's LONGEST HAIR - Guinness World Records

18-year-old Nilanshi Patel, the Guinness World Record holder for the longest hair on a teenager, has decided to cut off her locks. 

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Nilanshi has been the holder of this record since 2018; at the time, she was just 16-years-old and her hair measured at 170.5cm (5 ft, 7 inc). 

Last year in July, when Nilanshi turned 18, her hair had reached an incredible 200 cm ( 6ft, 6.7 Inches) which earned her the title for longest hair ever on a teenager. 

However, after nearly twelve years as the reigning queen, Nilanshi has opted for a major change and a fresh start. Her reason? 

" It is time to give something back." 

Before going ahead and cutting her locks, Nilanshi took some time to decide what she would eventually do with her hair should she cut off her locks. She had three options: auctioning it off, donating it to charity for cancer patients or donating it to a museum. 

After discussing the matter with her parents, she decided to display her hair in a museum. Nilanshi's mother pointed out that her daughter's story and record-breaking hair has inspired people, and displaying her hair in a museum would be the right thing to do. 

Nilanshi's mom said she was happy to shave off her hair to donate to charity but advised her daughter to send hers off for display. 

So, how did she feel after cutting her hair for the first time in twelve years? 

Watch the epic video of Nilanshi getting her hair cut below: 

Main image from Instagram account of Nilanshi.

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