The internet can’t believe this man lying in a hospital bed is actually a cake!

The internet can’t believe this man lying in a hospital bed is actually a cake!

There are some incredibly talented bakers out there who are blurring the lines between reality and cake!

Slowthai as cake

There are some incredibly talented cake designers out there! In a latest TikTok trend, bakers are trying to make some of the most life-like creations in a bid to confuse viewers.

While some have jaws dropping, none have been as extravagant as a man lying in a hospital bed – and it’s so good that it’s fast becoming a viral sensation!

The image of the man made its debut late last year as part of a music video for 'Feel Away' by Slowthai. Now, popular cake sculptor, The Bake King, shares how he used his skills to recreate the singer in cake form to tell the story he wanted to tell in the video.

Also known as Ben Cullen, the sculptor shared his incredible creation on social media with the caption, 'When I turned @slowthai into CAKE! Made for his music video 'Feel Away' - all his body parts were made from vanilla cake and chocolate ganache with sugarpaste details!'

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In the bizarre music video, Slowthai arrives at a maternity ward heavily pregnant. He then goes into labour, but things aren’t as they seem. After he gives birth, he is greeted by a bunch of wedding guests who, alongside some of the hospital staff, start devouring his flesh - which turns out to be cake.

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Naturally, social media is freaking out over the life-like cake. "This is so disturbing," one Twitter user said. Another adds: "This is amazing but horrifying!"

Have you ever created some horrifying desserts? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: The Bake King

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