#DKSStampOfApproval: Sky Tshabalala would like to apologise

#DKSStampOfApproval: Sky Tshabalala would like to apologise

It's FriYAY, which means the team have once again busted out their DKS stamp of approval!


It's that time of the week!

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Darren, Keri, and Sky are ready to share a few of their favourite products, services, hidden gems, series, and more with you.

From shad (yes, like the fish) to the best memes on the internet, every Friday the team tells you what's up, what is worth spending your cash money on, or just shares the things they have enjoyed over the last few days.

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The DKS Stamp of Approval is a sacred and very special honour.

Even though it can be given to absolutely anything, that doesn't mean it should be!

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We take this very seriously and we would never just lead you astray.

This week, there are three VERY different things getting the much-coveted stamp of approval.

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Darren is going medical, Keri is going technical, and Sky is giving his stamp to an actual person (who he might have a little bit of history with).

Take a listen below to find out what's hot on this week's episode of #DKSStampOfApproval:

For more of the best Darren, Keri, and Sky moments, listen here:

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