Coconut Kelz highlights the scary reality South African women live with on a daily basis

Coconut Kelz highlights the scary reality South African women live with on a daily basis

The social media star stressed how difficult being a woman in South Africa is and how women continuously need to think one step ahead or they could wind up dead.

Coconut Kelz

It’s no secret that gender-based violence is a massive issue facing South African women in today’s society. In fact, President Cyril Ramaphosa admitted that it is “the other pandemic” the country continues to battle. More and more people continue to speak up and share their stories and television personality and comedian Coconut Kelz says enough is enough as she highlights just how scary being a woman in South Africa really is.

In a powerful Twitter thread, Coconut Kelz (real name Lesego Tlhabi), says that women have to think of how to get out of scary situations that could essentially start as a mundane, everyday task like accepting a delivery, because they would find themselves hurt, raped or dead.

“I can’t believe how much women think about being raped. It’s in EVERYTHING we do. I’m so sad thinking about it,” the 'Trending SA' presenter said. “There isn’t a single moment we aren’t on rape watch. From the mundane like a delivery or the more relaxed moments like going for drinks or jogging.”

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The star recalls an honest conversation about how the actions of men have caused her to stop doing things she really enjoys, because the reality is that fear rules her life. “I remember doing a project with Lwando Xaso where we asked women ‘What normal every day task did you stop doing because men ruined it for you? Either by harassment or threat of rape or being attacked? The answers!”

Lesego shares some of the situations that make her feel unsafe. “For instance I get a panic attack when men walk towards me, I can’t get into a lift with a strange man/ men, driving alone at night makes me tense, being greeted by strange men makes me paranoid, I keep wanting to go jog/ walk but can never bring myself to going alone and that’s why when a man has created a safe environment for you by way of friendship or relationship and then he violates that..? Knowing how much time we spend trying to make ourselves 'unrapeable' only to lure us in?? Beyond unforgivable.”

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The response to the post is a perfect reminder of just how far we have to go as a society to keep our women safe and give them the peace of mind they deserve.

“I know meet the delivery guys in the parking lot as opposed to him coming to the door,” one user replied. Another added “The plumber was scheduled to come by to fix the geyser. I'd already planned that when he's in the house I'll be outside close to the gate, leaving it open, so that should he try anything I'd be able to quickly run for my life.”

Image courtesy: SABC 3

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