#OnlyInSouthAfrica - Themba-Robin shares a funny video about car guards

#OnlyInSouthAfrica - Themba-Robin shares a funny video about car guards

Themba-Robin, a South African comedic actor, has released a funny video on TikTok for South Africans about car guards - and it leaves us giggling as we can so relate. 

Themba Robins shares a skit on car guards
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When we think of car guards, it immediately leaves many of us feeling anxious for some reason. Is it the expectation of always having to give them something or trying to avoid them because you don't have any cash to give them. Regardless, Themba-Robin gives us a good laugh with his TikTok video that has many South Africans saying they can relate.

Many people hopped on to the comments section to say that they feel exactly like this when they go shopping or to any place that has a car guard. 


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One TikTok user responded by saying: "If avoiding the car guard was an Olympic sport I'd have a gold medal." 

While another added: "This other one at woodmead says to it's fine you can wallet if you don't have cash..I was like haaayibo!"

Talk about leaving you feeling guilty!

So, the question is, why do we feel bad? Is it because we feel like we owe them something? 

Well, many people feel like they are not actually doing much, so why give them anything, but then ask yourself the question, how do you know that they are not looking out for your car? 

Goodthingsguy.com shared the following: "Themba-Robin ends the video off by encouraging people to support car guards. This ties in well with a recent, viral post we shared about a couple that lost everything and became car guards. They explained that if a person cannot give them a tip or a bite to eat, that human decency and respect goes a long way."

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