Durban mum expresses gratitude for Metro cop who guarded her car

INSPIRING: Durban mum expresses gratitude for Metro Cop that guarded her car at the Durban Beachfront

A mum from Durban went for a walk on the promenade and left her car window open. She returned to her car to find something amazing...

INSPIRING: Durban mum expresses gratitude for Metro Cop that guarded her car on the promenade
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When it comes to law enforcement, we find that many people are always revving and ready to go when it comes to bashing and trashing them online or wherever they have an opportunity to. 

We are not naive to think that some of the bashing and trashing could be warranted, but why is it that we are so quick to bash when someone from any industry does something 'wrong', but when they do something 'right' and kind, we rarely use our voices to commend their efforts?

This mother from Durban flipped the script on social media this week as she shared a positive story with everyone. The story was definitely one of those 'feel good' stories that leaves us feeling grateful for good, kind people that go over and above their duty to care for others. 

Barbara Moodley and her son went to the Durban Beach Promenade for a walk and then decided to have some breakfast. Unbeknownst to her and her son, she had left her car window wide open...

After breakfast, her son hired a bicycle and she decided to stay back and sit at the restaurant. She received a call from a Metro policewoman who asked her about her car and then proceeded to say that her window was left open. 

Barbara was surprised and made her way back to her car. 

She was so grateful that she decided to pay tribute to this Metro cop on Facebook and she said that the response was received positively, which is a great thing to see in a world that can be so negative. 

We are sure that there are many stories that don't make it on social media, but it is great to see that people still make time to share the good. Thank you, Barbara Moodley, for sharing your story. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't reach Barbara for any comment.

We are grateful for the good and should make time to share that with everyone. We all need more love in our lives, so why not brighten up someone's day by sharing the good with them. 

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